How to Keep Hummingbird Feeder from Freezing

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  1. Avatar photo Laurie Richardson says:

    I recently read your article on preventing hummingbird feeders from freezing. Thank you for all the suggestions, but please remove/retract the one about increasing the sugar in the nectar formula. I have found in my research that the consensus among the experts now is that increasing the sugar beyond the well-established 4:1 ratio can be harmful to these tiny birds, as can drinking freezing cold nectar. Therefore warming is the preferred solution. I have attached a photo of one of my solutions, that I haven’t seen posted anywhere. Perhaps you can include it in your list. It is a warming station for both nectar and the birds made out of an old drawer, but a good cardboard box anchored would likely suffice.

    Hummingbird feeder from freezing

    Thank you for your help and have a happy new year,

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