What Birds Don’t Migrate In The Winter


  1. Avatar photo Melissa Ellis says:

    I love birds and want to be apart of a birding club that counts and shelters backyar d birds.I would like to help with conservation.I am a cna and on limited incom income.What do I do.

    1. Check this out. I think it will help you. Sorry to say, we are not members of any birding club. So we don’t have any experience regarding this. We just love birds and want to share information to bird lovers.

  2. Avatar photo Jeff Shearer says:

    My feeder has large flocks of yellow eyed vireos visiting throughout subzero January. I thought they would be in South America by now! Please inform!!

    1. It was a really unusual incident. I don’t know specifically why they’re here right now. They were supposed to be in the Amazon basin of South America. I think their migration pattern is being changed due to climate change and global warming.

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