When to Stop Feeding Hummingbirds


  1. Avatar photo Nicole Fleenor says:

    This has been very helpful! I love humming birds but I know very little about them! I feed them in my yard, and talk to them I even have a couple named! I hate to see them leave but at the same time I know they have to leave to stay warm and I wouldn’t want them cold or freezing! Thank you for your information on humming birds I feel so much smarter now and I feel like I can better care for them! Thanks again!

    1. You are most welcome! By the way, visit our website regularly and read articles on hummingbirds.

  2. Taking down feeders mid November in Oregon is not good advise. Anna’s hummingbirds stay year round and need the extra nectar offered in the winter. We see about 5 birds at a time at our multiple feeders in the summer and in the winter we usually see five feeders full at once with Anna’s. This is dozens of birds. Friends who did not replace frozen feeders during our ice storm last year found dead hummers in their yard. Ours thrived.

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