Why Don't Birds Feet Freeze


  1. Avatar photo Mohd yaqoob bhat says:

    A lot of humans also need shelter from harsh winters.
    Let us collectively care for birds as well as humans

  2. Avatar photo Marcy Ronk says:

    Thank you, Al. None of my bird books have any of this info. I’m sure many out there appreciate your article. Keep them coming.

    Marcy Ronk

  3. I love watching birds spring and summer and winter give them bread

  4. Love watching birds akk the time

  5. Thanks for the article. I enjoy my birds so much.

  6. Avatar photo Don White says:

    This was great information to read

  7. I adore watching my precious ‘birdie’ friends.. They are a positive part of my mental health.. I continually get so much more than I give to them! 😊🎀❤️

  8. Avatar photo John Andersen says:

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    1. Please have a look at our affiliate disclaimer. People love to buy products on Amazon, no matter how high the price. If you don’t like buying anything from Amazon, there are many other options out there.

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