Why Don't Birds Feet Freeze


  1. Mohd yaqoob bhat says:

    A lot of humans also need shelter from harsh winters.
    Let us collectively care for birds as well as humans

  2. Marcy Ronk says:

    Thank you, Al. None of my bird books have any of this info. I’m sure many out there appreciate your article. Keep them coming.

    Marcy Ronk

  3. I love watching birds spring and summer and winter give them bread

  4. Love watching birds akk the time

  5. Thanks for the article. I enjoy my birds so much.

  6. Don White says:

    This was great information to read

  7. I adore watching my precious ‘birdie’ friends.. They are a positive part of my mental health.. I continually get so much more than I give to them! 😊🎀❤️

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