1. Avatar photo Janis Hagan says:

    Thank you for this article.
    I live in Texas south of Dallas. I have had great blue herons visit my pond for years.
    Two years ago, a great white heron showed up. She had eight fledglings with her. She was awesome. Over 5’ tall. She was so white, it just made a glare when i took her picture.
    One was here last year, and i saw a younger one, also.
    This spring there was a young white heron. He had a bluish/pinkish hue to his feathers.
    Yesterday, July 30, 2021, I saw a brown heron-like bird. I just happened to spot him. Was looking at the right place at the right time.
    He was the color of dead lily pads.
    I thought at first it might have bern a blue heron, but it was brown.
    Tall and slender like a blue. But not nearly as big as the white heron.
    That’s all I have.
    Again, thank you for your article.
    I also have ducks that have visited here the last 2 or 3 winters.
    There are some black and white that I think may be Scaups, but the males and females are of a similar color. They are diving ducks.
    The last two winters some great hrig tawny colored ducks showed up.
    They are solid colored light tawny color. But the underside of their tail feathers is black. They are dabblers. And sometimes dive. They quack.
    Then late in the season, a black one showed up. He looked like a shadow passing by.
    Thank you

    1. Thanks for sharing the story. I am happy to let you know about these beautiful birds.

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