Can Crows Swim


  1. Avatar photo Gordon Smith says:

    All I can say to this article is exemplified by the late Graham Kennedy’s crow call…: Faaaaaaark!’

  2. I adore crows. This article is very interesting!

  3. I doubted that I would find a page which would so comprehensively answer my questions on the swimming ability of crows. I’m very impressed great work

  4. i found your article comprehensive yet offering a very quick summary and i appreciated the use of the bold font when necessary to highlight the most pertinent parts

  5. crows and rooks can’t swim but they like to bath very much. our crows have small pool and they are bathing in the morning and when we come back after flying. the fresh and clean water is very important for them.
    moreover they likes take sunbathing too. in the summer they can lie near their pool and sunbathing all day. when I saw it first time I thought that birds died, but they took a bath and lied down again

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