Can Crows Sense Death


  1. Recent research showed birds get their sense of direction due to them being able to see magnetic field lines. Our hearts produce a magnetic field that extends beyond our bodies, (this has been measured). If scavenger birds are allowed to develop a taste for human corpses they will most likely notice when our hearts aren’t as healthy and wait for the coming meal. Food for thought!

  2. the ravens can feel the death and illnesses in advance, but
    as I noticed it can do only adult crow – elder then 5 years.
    but as a rule , the humans are enemies for them and ravens can’t be harbingers of death, because life of humans does not matter for them as the life of crow does not matter for humans.
    my rook saw how die my friend , but does not called me – my friend was not his friend, so the rook indifferent to him.
    But my rook feels the death of others rooks and crows in advance and our friends crows feel it too.
    but we can understand only short phrases and can’t help them and prevent it.

    as to a carrion if a raven can choose between fresh meat and carrion – it will choose most fresh meat and never eat carrion.
    the same about water – it will choose most fresh and clear water for drinking

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