Can Crows Talk Like Parrots


  1. Avatar photo N.Rhoades says:

    You can also teach a rooster to speak as well. It takes longer and they can not speak as clearly nor have near the vocabulary as a parrot or crow but they can mimic. They are pretty good at mimicking human laughter. I’ve never really heard of or experienced a hen mimicking human speech though. Maybe they can’t be bothered. LOL Chickens are a lot more intelligent then most people think.

  2. Avatar photo Barry Klinedinst says:

    I had a crow growing up. He was very smart and friendly. He said hello. I have 3 Amazon’s now . They talk when they feel like it. Taco,my double yellow head is a pretty darn good talker. He’s shy so he talks when your not looking his way. He sings opera like a pro. My yellow nape doesn’t say a word but I very friendly to me. Not all parrots talk. 2 out of my 3 do. I had a blue front 30 years ago that talked a storm up. So you never know. Don’t get one if all you want is a talking bird. And always adopt from a rescue

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