How Do Mother Birds Feed Their Babies


  1. Avatar photo Gail Bales says:

    Thank you. I have four baby birds in a nest on my porch, the mother made a nest in my wreath. She is taking great care of her babies and feeds them a couple of times each day. We have to go out through our garage for now, haha. Don’t want to upset the new family-they are precious!

    1. You’re most welcome !! We can extremely feel that you’re spending great time with these little creatures. If you ever notice that the mother doesn’t come to the babies to feed them, and the babies are dying, you should help them. For that, we suggest you read our article on “how to save a baby bird from dying

  2. Mother seems to be working so hard, visits her babies about every 20 minutes all day long. Is there anything we can do to help her out? Leave some worms on the front porch near her?

    1. Yes, you can. You can also offer her a mixture of black oil sunflower seeds and cracked corn.

  3. Ugh! We have a little bird in our garage, her eggs have hatched. The problem is we are gone to work all day. So she’s either in or out until we get home!

    1. You can relocate the nest somewhere else. But, the mother bird won’t like it. So, we suggest you relocate the nest after 14 days so that the chicks can fly away.

  4. A rat snake was on our porch this morning and was gently removed. We aren’t sure if it is the reason the baby chicks are on the ground or if mom had already helped them out of the nest. She is still trying to feed them. They do seem quite mobile on the ground. Should I try putting them back in the nest?

    1. Since the mother still feeds her babies, you should bring the babies back in the nest.

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