How to Save a Baby Bird from Dying

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  1. Maria Vai says:

    Omg help me look after two little baby birds

  2. I cannot reach our wildlife rehab at this time, but called earlier & he said to watch for adult!wren’s appearance. Baby wrens near fledging in birdhouse, but male disappeared two days ago & the mother hasn’t been seen all day. What should I do? Thanks for any help!

    1. I think there are no other ways to take care of the fledgling (I’ve already mentioned almost everything above). However, you can keep the fledgling in a cardboard box in a quiet, dark place and away from predators and direct sun. While you’re doing so, try to contact a wildlife rehabilitator. Or, call another rehabilitator in your area. It will be best if you don’t try to feed the fledgling without consulting with the rehab.

  3. Bre Sigler says:

    What type of bird is pictured above? In the very top picture on the page in a man’s hand? My daughter and son just came home from their dad’s house this evening with a bird they found on the road near his house in Dalton Ohio. It appears to be a fledling from what I can tell. We have it in a box for now. My ex told the kids to get rid of it and they snuck it home to my house.

    1. In the above picture, the bird is a fledgling. I think you appeared right about the bird that your children snuck to your house. Now, you should properly take care of it, providing pet foods (for dogs and cats) and proteins. You should never give it milk. Otherwise, it feels digestive problems. Keep in mind that a fledgling needs to take food every 15 to 30 minutes.

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