How to Save a Baby Bird from Dying


  1. Avatar photo Maria Vai says:

    Omg help me look after two little baby birds

  2. I cannot reach our wildlife rehab at this time, but called earlier & he said to watch for adult!wren’s appearance. Baby wrens near fledging in birdhouse, but male disappeared two days ago & the mother hasn’t been seen all day. What should I do? Thanks for any help!

    1. I think there are no other ways to take care of the fledgling (I’ve already mentioned almost everything above). However, you can keep the fledgling in a cardboard box in a quiet, dark place and away from predators and direct sun. While you’re doing so, try to contact a wildlife rehabilitator. Or, call another rehabilitator in your area. It will be best if you don’t try to feed the fledgling without consulting with the rehab.

  3. Avatar photo Bre Sigler says:

    What type of bird is pictured above? In the very top picture on the page in a man’s hand? My daughter and son just came home from their dad’s house this evening with a bird they found on the road near his house in Dalton Ohio. It appears to be a fledling from what I can tell. We have it in a box for now. My ex told the kids to get rid of it and they snuck it home to my house.

    1. In the above picture, the bird is a fledgling. I think you appeared right about the bird that your children snuck to your house. Now, you should properly take care of it, providing pet foods (for dogs and cats) and proteins. You should never give it milk. Otherwise, it feels digestive problems. Keep in mind that a fledgling needs to take food every 15 to 30 minutes.

  4. Avatar photo Riley Bogue says:

    I have a baby bird I saved when a neighbor cut its nest down he’s barely alive and I can’t get him to eat or drink rn he’s in a box with a fan blowing on him since it’s so hot here what should I do

    1. hank you for taking care of the baby bird so well. I think you should care for the bird how you’re doing right now. Once it gets well, it will fly away in the wild. If you somehow cannot care for the baby, contact to a nearby licensed wildlife rehabilitator to know what to do next.

  5. Three days ago I found a baby bird in the middle of the road. His siblings and nest were smashed. No sign of either parent, so I brought him home with me and looked up info on this bird. He/she is a Cedar Wax Wing young fledgling. Was doing well on blueberries, grapes, and alittle wetted down dog food. Also feed him alittle boiled egg. He ate more berries than anything else. Which made me wonder if that was the reason last night that he began walking backwards and tipping his head upside down. Scared me so I settled him down in his basket, and didn’t feed him rest of the night. This morning he ate boiled egg, and just a few bites of grapes. Seems better, but not as active as he was two days ago. Still tilts his head to the side a lot, and shakes when I try to feed him.
    I haven’t been able to find a local rehabber, so I thought I’d try asking you what you think. I’ll keep searching today though. I was thinking maybe he needs more protein, so I’m going to go get some mealworms today. Any other suggestions? Do you think he may have a head trauma?
    Thank you for any help you may be willing to share. Sincerely, Gwen

    1. I don’t think the bird has head trauma. And I agree with you that the bird needs more protein. So, feeding him some mealworms is a good decision. After feeding him mealworms, let me know if the bird feels better. You can also feed him raw liver (no seasoning).

  6. Can I feed a lost baby bird warn boiled egg? What please for fluid?

    1. You shouldn’t give the baby bird warm boiled egg. Let the egg be cool and then feed the bird. For fluid, you can feed the baby lukewarm, fresh water (a small amount of water at once).

  7. I had found a fledgling I. The road, flapping, and unable to get up. I called Animal. control, they said to use a dropper to give him water (was about a 95°day). I used a dropper. He seemed to want it. A minute or so later, he seemed to have a convulsion and then died. Did I kill this poor baby? I called Animal Control back and they seemed to think he was going to pass from his apparent fall from the tree to the street.
    I’ve been miserable with guilt.

    1. Don’t blame yourself. I think the fledgling got hurt badly. This could be the reason of its death.

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