Do Crows Attack Owls


  1. Avatar photo Michele Jackson says:

    I have witnessed a crow steal a baby Blue Jay from the nest. The Blue Jay’s went ballistic and started chasing the crow and dive bombing it. They were squawking loudly and other Blue Jay’s came to help and they did everything they could…sadly the crow got away with the baby. I’m sure the crow sustained some injuries.

    1. Blue jays are one of the predators of crows. There are some other predators out there, such as hawks, eagles, etc. To know more about them, read this article

  2. Very informative, I loveit

  3. Avatar photo Charlotte says:

    We saw this happening today, here in Dallas, TX. We were walking home from the park and heard a TON of upset crow caws in a nearby tree. All of a sudden we saw a large commotion of birds flying together, with what looked to be a barn owl being chased by a number of crows. The crows were managing to position themselves above the owl, and one by one kept flying down to do something to it. I couldn’t tell if they were scratching or pecking, but it certainly looked aggressive. My daughter and I pursued the group, and the crows continued to chase and harass the owl from tree to tree for as long as we were following them, which was at least 30 minutes. It certainly made for an eventful walk home!

  4. Very informative article. We heard a bunch of commotion in our backyard today with the crows so I grabbed my binoculars and we discovered an adult great horned owl laying hanging out on a tree limb. There were only 2 crows but now we know why they were squawking unhappily. We live in Northern CA.

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