How to attract sparrows


  1. Why would anyone want to attract house sparrows to your yard ? Not only do they bully other birds at the feeder they also kill anything in a bird box.

    1. There are many backyard birders out there in North America who really want to attract sparrows to their yards. That’s why we have written this article. Thanks for being with us!!!

  2. Avatar photo Mr Ewan Baxter says:

    In the winter can I lightly spray the birdseed with an oil like rapeseed oil.

  3. The Squirrel Proof feeders are to keep squirrels from eating food you intend to feed your birds, NOT to protect your birds from squirrels. For the most part, birds have little to fear from squirrels, but your bird seed budget will be strained by feeding squirrels too. And if you live in an area where rats are a potential problem, just making sure you have water available all the time can really attract birds even without food.

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