How to Remove a Birds Nest with Eggs


  1. I plan on moving a Sparrow nest with eggs in it. It’s in our garage on a shelf. I’m moving it right outside by the door, under an eve. Will she find it?
    We’re going out of town and have to lick up. No window in our garage to leave cracked open.

    1. The mother will find the nest if she knows where you put the nest. However, don’t move the nest too far from where it is now. Otherwise, the mother bird may not be able to find the nest.

  2. Avatar photo Eunice cohrs says:

    bird with eggs in my flower pot I want to move the pot 6ft in a straight line behind the fence so my very inquisitive dog doesn’t bother the babies when they are born. will the mama bird find it

  3. Steps to move the bird’s nest with eggs: the first is to locate the nest you want to move. Next is to use disinfectant and spray on the nest. Gently remove the nest and move it to another nearby location. Once removed, use a disinfectant or bleach solution and clean the area thoroughly.

  4. You may consider moving a bird’s nest if it is really necessary, especially when you find them in inconvenient or dangerous places such as under a vehicle or in a backyard griller.

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