Why Do Crows Make Noise At Night


  1. Avatar photo Norm LaMunion says:

    I enjoyed reading this article.

  2. Avatar photo Sherry Norton says:

    Crows are one of my favorite birds. I enjoy watching them, and like that they are family oriented.

  3. Avatar photo Lucia Guzon says:

    That’s interesting to learn thank you.

  4. Avatar photo Yamin Nagdawala says:

    Mostly crow caw at night near my home and not only crow but dogs and other animals are also shouting at night time nearly 3am..

  5. Avatar photo Aishwarya says:

    As I see to uncommon thing crow cawing at night but it’s not regular some or the other day.

  6. Avatar photo Than Htike Aung says:

    The Caws start screaming at night yangon 11:25pm badly at the moment.

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