Where Do Cardinals Build Their Nests


  1. Like everyone else, love Cardinals. My husband loved them. I was constantly arguing for my wild shrubs. My birds love all the wild berries I’ve allowed to invade my gardens. Bird watching and listening and feeding is a lot easier than weeding a garden. They have blackberries, raspberries, some berries that are deep purple and I understand gives them a “buzz”. Wild cherries. I think they are cared for. I do not put seeds out in summertime.

  2. Avatar photo Aaron Fleming says:

    We have a red cardinal that pecks on our bedroom window all throughout the day and we are retired living at home and this bird that is so beautiful is driving us crazy. Apparently he sees his reflection in the window panes and just stays there throughout the day going from one window in our bedroom to the next. Do you suggest any ways of getting rid of him without shooting him. I don’t want to kill him but we are being deprived of sleep and rest. Plz help us!!!!

    1. The following things you can do:
      1. Use tap stripes.
      2. Cover the window with soap.
      3. Paint the window with tempora paint.
      4. Mount mosquito screens.
      5. Install external sun shades or shutters.
      6. Attach white adhesive dots on windows.
      7. Install zen curtains.
      For further information, read our blog on how to prevent birds from flying into glass windows

  3. Cut out an outline of a bird shape (3/4) view out of paper slightly larger than an average bird use a dark colored shade of gray Birds will not come and hit or repeatedly tap again This has worked for me in Florida and also in Illinois In Illinois a man could not sleep in his brand new house due to a bird constantly flying into the bedroom windows.

  4. I have a cardinals in my forsythia bush. This is the second time I have had them. I have two bird baths and plenty of food.

    1. You are doing great helping the cardinals. Hope they are enjoying what you have offered them.

  5. Avatar photo Kathy Boren says:

    We had a pair Cardinals in our back yard this year. The first nest (4 eggs) was in one of our blueberry bushes and the second nest was in our garden on the pole beans (3 eggs).

    1. Very impressive. You are lucky to have beautiful cardinals in your yard. Hope the parents raise the babies without any problem.

  6. I had a local cardinal pair build a nest in my honeysuckle this past season. Since they don’t reuse nests, should I remove the old one in the hopes that they’ll return and build again?

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