Can Cardinal Birds Be Pets


  1. Avatar photo Weda Boolos says:

    My cats brought in a female cardinal with a broken wing several weeks ago. I couldn’t let them kill her so I put her in a cage for a few days and she seems to be ok but can not fly. Her wing hangs down. I’ve started letting her out of the cage during the day now to hop around in my room that has lots of plants and windows. She eats and drinks and sits in a little plant in front of a window most of the time but I really don’t know how to care for her. Can you give me any advise? If she’s going to live, should I get a parakeet or some other bird to be with her? Thank you

    1. As cardinals are wild birds, you should let her go in the wild [If she can fly without any issues]. If she can’t still fly properly, take care of her or contact a professional vet nearby.

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