Where Do Cardinals Sleep At Night


  1. Avatar photo Bill Maynard says:

    We had cardinals nest right outside of our kitchen in some small trees. They raised 3 babies. The father bird was very brave. I saw him take on a group of bluejays, leading them on a chase through hedges, trees, and brush until he wore them out and they gave up on catching him.

    1. Cardinal fathers always try their best to protect their mates and broods throughout the breeding season. By the way, thanks for sharing the story with us.

  2. Avatar photo Donna M Burgess says:

    You have very interesting reading material for the cardinal. I am just learning about them and they are beautiful birds but to take a picture that’s the hard part. Thank You for
    your advice.

  3. Avatar photo Pumpkin Cary says:

    Imagine if you’re “waking up” not walked up. Which is past tense. There were 2 other English corrections I found … I’ll let you find them.
    Thank you for the article I live all birds.

  4. Avatar photo Gloria F Adams says:

    I really enjoyed the article about the Cardinals. Now I can plan on making. a bird house for the Cardinals, and,make sure I have the correct seeds for them. Thanks for,the useful info

  5. Avatar photo Garrett Alexander says:

    David, do you know about any app or something that can help us located different species of birds on google maps or something?

    I think an article on that would be nice suggesting top applications for android and ios for birdwatchers.

    Oh! btw you seem like a cardinal doctor haha this was an amazing article and I really enjoyed it.

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