Are Cardinals Aggressive


  1. Avatar photo Jack Banghart says:

    I have a cardinal in my yard that is orange. He and his mate hatched two chicks this summer, and for a week he would some how call them up to the railing on my deck, and feed the two of them.
    He would hop up to the feeder, get a mouth full of seed, crunch it up for the chicks, and feed it to them beck to beck. After three or four days they could eat on their own and even tho they tried to
    Get him to keep feeding them, he refused.

    1. You were fortunate because you did see a rare orange male cardinal. Hopefully the chicks are now able to eat on their own without any help of their parents. Thanks for sharing the story!

  2. Reminds me of the springtime boarding up of the garage windows that my dad had to do because a male cardinal could see himself in the reflection. Poor bird kept flying into them and knocking himself out. For years. Dad would pick him up, put him under makeshift shelter so he wasn’t prey but could come to, get out, & live defend his nest another day

  3. Avatar photo Robyn Fox says:

    I had a pair.of juvenile cardinals eating off the ground in my backyard
    Now they are gone, and a lone male cardinal visits my feeder 3/4 times a day
    Why did the young ones leave..and is this male looking for a place to stay for the winter , its October in Ontario

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